Main Street Safety Signs

Street signs are the public displays of messages that are important in ensuring the safety of the road users. They are rules or guidelines that ensure there is smooth flow of traffic both vehicles and people. They have been useful for centuries and they continue to be useful in the present date. Signs are also used in a verity of other circumstances and locations in order to maintain order and keep people safe. Take a warehouse for example, here there would be signs to inform people of things like wearing ear protectors and inform people that where are forklifts in use. You may have seen special street signs in certain areas, round in industrial zones there may be street signs for forklift and wide vehicles. In other areas, like in the country side there are signs for animals and tractors.  Street signs in residential areas are important due to a number of reasons and this include the following.

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Size of roads in residential areas

Residential areas tend to be smaller than those of the highways and major streets in towns. Street signs in these places will guide the motorist since they may not realize when they are driving on the wrong side. This may cause a problem due to the oncoming traffic. The residents themselves own cars that are driven on these streets. In addition the residents themselves may park their cars on the side of the road aggravating the situation. Lately people use these residential roads as shortcuts thus there is need to regulate this traffic. They make efficient and safe flow of the traffic both of other users and residents themselves.

Pedestrian's right

Pedestrians always have a way in the residential areas. This is due to the fact that there are no crosswalks for these pedestrians. They have to use the road and these require stop signs, to execute their right of the roads. If you see one it is important to stop there maybe pedestrians who need to cross the road. Ignoring this signs may lead a high risk of injury making the neighborhoods unsafe. There also serve as restrictions on parking on the homes of people invading on their privacy. A requirement such as driving with the lights on when it is raining ensures the safety of those using these roads.


Many residential areas will have children playing around the streets or pets that are running across the roads. You will also notice that pedestrians may be running on the side of the roads or even walking. To avoid injury to these people safety signs are put up. Children use their playing equipments on these streets and they also use ball games that might spin off to the roads. They may also park these equipments on the side of the road. Signs like the speed limit ensure that the people are protected against injuries and accidents. Vehicles like fire trucks, police cars may also be present and one should excuse them as they ensure the safety and cleanliness of the neighborhoods.


Signs give information about streets, show directions, locations among other useful information. Street signs give locations to specific places. Most postal addresses are located with the help of the street signs. They also serve the purpose of advertising upcoming events, businesses given the strategic position of the residential streets. The real estate business uses signs on these roads to indicate houses on sale and this becomes a form of advertising. It is useful to use these streets for the purpose of development and growth. Thus they are useful to the society as a whole.